Overview Of Programs

What’s a Diversion Program?

Adult Drug Court

Adult Drug Court is a court-supervised, multi-agency, community-based program for non-violent defendants with an alcohol and/or drug addiction. Adult Drug Court requires mandatory drug testing, intensive treatment, strong aftercare, and sanctions for non-compliance with court orders in an attempt to break the cycle of addiction and crime.

Alcohol Intervention Program (AEP)

The Alcohol Intervention Program, commonly referred to as AEP, is a diversion program designed for defendants, ages seventeen (17) to twenty (20), with first-time Magistrate/Municipal Court alcohol offenses. AEP allows a defendant to be diverted from court, enter into the program, and, upon successful completion, file to have the charge(s) and all associated information expunged.


An expungement is the destruction of the record of an arrest or conviction, and all associated paperwork, so that the offense no longer appears on a criminal record. Traffic convictions, other than those for first offense failure to stop for a blue light, fish and wildlife convictions, and convictions for felonies or heinous crimes cannot be expunged. The First Circuit Solicitor’s Office has the authority to expunge records in Calhoun County, Dorchester County, and Orangeburg County only.

Pretrial Intervention (PTI)

Pretrial Intervention, commonly referred to as PTI, is a diversion program in which selected defendants may participate as an alternative to prosecution. PTI attempts to deter defendants from future criminal behavior, minimize the loss to victims, reduce the number of less serious cases, and protect the community through counseling, community service, and other means. Upon successful completion of PTI, defendants may file to have the charge(s) and all associated information expunged.

Traffic Education Program (TEP)

The Traffic Education Program, commonly referred to as TEP, is a diversion program established to educate the driver while giving him/her the opportunity to have eligible citations dismissed in order to maintain a clean driving record. Upon successful completion to TEP, defendants may file to have the charge(s) and all associated information expunged.

Victim And Witness Services

Worthless Check Program

The First Circuit Solicitor’s Office Worthless Check Program operates as a diversion program which assists merchants and small businesses with the collection and prosecution of worthless checks. It is designed to help in the collection of monies owed, conserve law enforcement resources, and to educate worthless check writers about the consequences of their crime.

Youth Mentoring