I welcome you to the website for the Solicitor’s Office for the First Judicial Circuit of South Carolina. This site was designed to be informative of the operation and process of the First Circuit Solicitor’s Office and to provide a convenient location for constituents of the First Judicial Circuit to find information related to the criminal justice process. As intended, we hope that you will find this site both helpful and useful. As we continue to update and develop this site, we would encourage your suggestions as to how we can enhance our site to better serve the residents of the First Judicial Circuit.

Most people are familiar with the terms “District Attorney” or “Prosecutor.” If you are, then you have a good idea of what the Solicitor’s Office does. In South Carolina, the person responsible for prosecuting criminal offenses is known as the “solicitor.” There are sixteen (16) elected solicitors in South Carolina. Each of them serve the counties contained within the Judicial Circuit to which he or she is elected. There are sixteen (16) judicial circuits consisting of two (2) to five (5) counties. The First Judicial Circuit consists of Dorchester, Calhoun and Orangeburg counties.

In addition to the traditional methods of conviction and punishment, the Solicitor’s Office also administers administrative and diversion programs such as Pre-Trial Intervention, Juvenile Arbitration, and the Worthless Check program. These programs are alternatives to conviction and sentencing and attempt to serve the same underlying policies of traditional criminal justice methods. Furthermore, these programs are designed to supplement the Solicitor’s operating budget to ease the burden to taxpayers. I encourage you to visit this website often for information on the criminal court process in your county. If you feel I can be of assistance to you or have any suggestions or comments regarding the First Circuit Solicitor's Office, please contact me.

Sincerely, David M. Pascoe, Solicitor

From the Solicitor

David M. Pascoe, Solicitor

Welcome to the website for the First Circuit Solicitor's Office. If there is anything that this office can do to assist you please contact us.